Climate Associates Ltd provides evaluation and consultancy services to major companies and organizations in the ICT sector in order to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and lower their carbon footprint. CAL has customers on four (4) continents including large international telecommunications operators and suppliers, environmental protection agencies, and UK government departments. The CAL team is internationally recognized as promoters of initiatives in international standardization aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of ICT through the introduction of reduction, recycling and mitigation into projects and international standards. In addition to this, Smart City and Intelligent Transport Systems form part of CAL’s skill base and knowledge.

CAL is prominent in downstreaming the results of EU collaborative projects to standards activities and has carried out the environmental assessment of a hybrid satellite system for proving high speed broadband to users compared to alternative technologies such as LTE and fibre. Climate Associates is a member of ETSI holds several key positions of influence in both ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union) and has a track record for championing new initiatives within these international standards organizations in the area of ICT and energy efficiency. Finally, CAL directors have been actively involved in ITS R&D and development of standards for Collaborative ITS in CEN, ISO and ETSI.

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