InterSoft, a.s. is a Slovak-Finnish software company operating since 2001. The company is a spin-off of the EU R&D project KnowWeb funded by the EC within the 4th Framework Programme. The company was founded with intention to build on international experience of Finnish and Slovak partners in software development, to exploit their international business contacts and capitalize the competitive advantages resulting from this partnership. InterSoft, a.s. is one of very few IT SMEs in Slovakia, which has been involved in EU FP R&D projects and so far it has been partner in six FP6 & FP7 projects – four of them are listed below (plus Access-eGov and Webocracy in the area of e-Government).

InterSoft, a.s. offers software development services in the area of knowledge management, knowledge technologies, ontology-based knowledge modelling, information retrieval applications, agent technologies, web technologies, data and text mining, e-government applications, point-of-sale solutions etc.

The InterSoft company also cooperates with several self-government and public administration organizations, in business and civic sector mainly in the area of e-Government and e-Democracy, while it develops and hosts several web-based portals with publishing possibilities along with a wide range of adaptive tools for intelligent administration of published content integrated to sophisticated information system. Current business activities include SW development projects for international partners in the area of point-of-sales systems (Oy Winpos Ab, Finland; Fidelio Cruise, Germany), integrated content management system with cloud and semantic tagging search support (Altis, Switzerland) etc.

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