On eco-conscious behavior

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Support for eco-conscious behaviours is planned being achieved through incentives such as reward systems (rebates or gift cards) for saving CO2 and NOx emissions, based upon fulfilling local climate goals and profiles. In certain cases, negative incentives can be realised in cooperation with the local authorities (increase of certain fees during rush hours). But most preferably, advisory services will be provided to the city and municipality to accommodate with new bicycle lanes, more charging stations for EV, more accessible stops for public transport – as well as higher frequency of multimodal carriers.

Private initiatives will be supported through integration of (existing) sharing economy services in the selected regions. This means that car-pooling and ride-sharing options will be included in the multimodal travel planner applications together with further options such as taxi sharing to avoid too many empty kilometres and ordering bus-transport on demand supported by private actors.

The overall sustainability concept will involve private actors to offer their own charging ports for EV, advertising products that can be acquired with incentives from eco-conscious behaviour, and offer claim to fame for most eco-conscious travellers/companies with a clearly defined ecological strategy.

These activities can be conducted in partnership with media-companies which are very interested in traffic and travel-related matters, as well as other transport carriers that are interested in reducing the cost of transport while retaining the total income.