TrafPoint – route optimisation

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TrafPoint – optimizing travel load

TrafPoint has been developed in partnership with 7sense and Broentech as part of the Norwegian initiative “Bypakke Grenland.”

TrafPoint offers insight on capacity, popularity and load balancing based;

The service identifies the number of passengers that entered and left public transport at any given time during operation

This information provides real time information on number of onboard travellers

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TrafPoint generates a list of stops based on sites where the transport carrier halts. The certainity of the site being used regularily for boarding and disembarking increases if this activity is repeated over the course of several days

The popularity of the stop is also measured by the amount of people that is entering the transport carrier, based on time of day, week and events that took place nearby

These data are correlated with registered sites for boarding and disembarking, and assists in deciding on the load capacity that should be offered and what stops that should be prioritized during the day and week

Statistic information is used for calculating the fare or introduce incentives to stimulate using other stop, transport carriers or time of day. It can also help providing real time information about the situation and how the current load may influence on later travel profiles